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Whalesafari from Alta

See the whales up-close with MS Trolltind Nordic

Start 09:00 / 6-8 hours

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Whalesafari with MS Trolltind Nordic

We set out on a whale watching trip from central Alta in the morning, looking for humpback whales and killer whales.


This boat trip takes you out to the places where these graceful giants come in search of herring.


You can experience the whale from the panoramic windows of the lounge on board, then step out into the crisp arctic air on deck to get even closer to the whale.

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6 hour round trip with a safe and good boat. No disembarkation during the trip. The duration of the trip depends on where the whales are located, and can therefore vary somewhat.


Humpback whales can grow up to 16 meters long and are known for their fantastic "break" when they burst straight out of the water. Black and white killer whales travel in large groups in search of herring. If we're lucky, we'll also see porpoises, and we'll get to experience a number of wild arctic birds.


Alta is located north of the Arctic Circle, and although it is dark in the period 27 November to 15 January, there are still hours of magical blue twilight for parts of the day. The boat trip from Alta through the fantastic fjord landscape is magical.


The boat has plenty of space both outside and inside. The boat is stable even in rough seas. The boat is warm and cozy, but you should wear clothing to be out on deck.


We take animal welfare seriously, and we are out in the field with great respect and caution. 

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