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Explore North-West Norway

Here are some examples of destinations within our local area that we would like to showcase. Each individual destination has its own speciality, and we will take you to the various destinations with MS Bruvik, who is a storyteller in her own right. We make sure that you have a safe journey here with us.

- Take the chance to increase your knowledge of our wonderful nearby area and the wonderful experiences that lie outside the living room door


The village of Alnes at the far end of Godøya was in its time one of Sunnmøre's largest fishing villages, and the houses in the old part of the settlement are located in terraced fields. Beautiful and varied hiking terrain in mountains and fjords, views of the ocean, pebble beaches and a sandy beach where swimming and surfing are popular. Alnes Lighthouse was built in 1853 and is 22 meters high. The lighthouse and lighthouse accommodation are also open to the public.


Bjørke is a village in the heart of the fjord arm Storfjorden in Hjørundfjorden in Volda municipality. Here, Tussa kraft has a power station that was established in the 1960s. Bjørke also has a great "long church" from 1919. An idyllic village.


Geiranger is a village in Stranda municipality, in the heart of the Geirangerfjord, a side fjord of the Storfjord in Møre and Romsdal. Geiranger is known for its majestic mountains, beautiful waterfalls (7 sisters) and of course, the Geiranger Fjord with its abandoned mountain and fjord farms. The Geirangerfjord is on UNESCO's World Heritage site.


Hellesylt is a town in Stranda municipality in Møre og Romsdal. The settlement has 258 inhabitants as of 1 January 2019. Hellesylt is the center of the tiny village of Sunnylven, which was previously a separate municipality consisting of the two rural communities of Sunnylven and Geiranger, but was merged with Stranda municipality on 1 January 1965.


In the middle between the tourist attractions Romsdalseggen, Trollstigen and Atlanterhavsvegen lies the fjord city of Molde, - a pleasant small town with charm and atmosphere. The town lies south along the Romsdalsfjord and is known for its beautiful surroundings and fantastic views. From the vantage point Varden you can enjoy the view of the 222 mountain peaks in the Molde Panorama.


Ona is Norway's southernmost living fishing village and has around 25 permanent residents. The island also has a ceramics workshop and a small kiosk shop. In the summer, there is a café and accommodation options. At Onakalven, which is the island's highest point, stands the Ona lighthouse. From up here there is a fantastic view out to sea and towards the mainland.

Ona is a peaceful place where you can really enjoy the peace and quiet! Ona is a great destination in both summer and winter. The island is exposed to harsh weather in the open ocean, so it is important to bring warm and windproof clothing. If you travel outside the main season in summer, you should also bring food and drink with you, as the selection in the island's shop is somewhat limited.


Rekkedal farm is an old family farm with historic buildings dating all the way back to the 16th century. All the buildings have been completely renovated and form a lovely yard around the garden. They offer good experiences with tastes of local specialties and self-imported wines with good stories to go with them.


At the far end of the sea gap in Herøy is the bird island Runde. Fuglefjellet is the southernmost point in Norway, and the most species-rich seabird site in Scandinavia. The small island has about 150 permanent residents, but from February to August every year it is breeding season and more than 500,000 birds conquer the island. Around 100,000 pairs of puffins nest here, but also gannets, grebes and cormorants are established with large populations during the breeding season.

The natural areas at Runde are vulnerable, important and interesting for research. Runde is also called "Treasure Island", after gold finds from the sunken Dutch ship "Ankerendam" from 1725. The area is also well suited for activities in diving, fishing and hiking. Go on an exciting safari at sea and experience seabirds, sea eagles and seals. Bring binoculars and you'll get even closer to wildlife.

Worth knowing: Protected nature area with rules for traffic.


Sandsøy is located in Sande municipality, just north of Stadlandet, and has the harsh North Sea as its closest neighbor to the west. The island has great fishing spots in a number of places, and the underwater fauna is an exciting starting point for diving and other underwater activities.

Sandsøy also has a bustling animal and bird life, which you will be able to experience on a walk along the plinths. Parts of the island are protected, and here you can find a number of rare birds, including one of the coast's largest colonies of sea eagles.


Skotholmen - a sea of ​​tastes

On our own islet, we offer a unique experience.

On Skotholmen it is jovial and elegant,

informal and professional.

Fresh food from the sea, presented and served in a sea bow from the mid-19th century.

Here, new culinary art and modern design merge with historic surroundings

from a time when Skotholmen was a trading town and fishing village.

They tailor small and large teams where the food from their restaurant, KAMI Skotholmen, is the finishing touch.

In the restaurant on the 1st floor there is room for 115 people, and on the 2nd floor we offer premises for closed teams and meeting activities


In the village of Trandal, in the middle of the Hjørundfjord, there are approx. six inhabitants. Here we find the charming inn Christian Gaard Bygdetun. In the late nineties, the old farm was restored and converted into an inn. The colorful entrepreneur, Frank Storeide, had a big idea to make a living based more on milking tourists instead of goats, as he himself would have said.

The capacity is 25 times greater than the village's population and is frequently visited by both local and national heroes such as Magne Furuholmen and Kjell Inge Røkke.

Trandal has no road connection to the outside world, and communication must therefore take place by sea by ferry or boat. Nevertheless, both concerts and festivals are often arranged at Trandal, such as Country Festival and Trandalblues.

A visit to Christian Gaard is a guaranteed memory for life.


496 meters above Stadhavet, on the Kjerringa mountain plateau, lies the beautiful Vestkapp, which is one of the most spectacular viewpoints on the coast of Norway. The cliff is almost flat at the top and plunges steeply into the sea. Vestkapp is a tourist destination with flat expanses, steep slopes and impressive panoramic views in all directions. On good weather days there is a panoramic view in all directions, to the Sunnmør Alps, Hornelen, Ålfotbreen and the dreaded Stadhavet.

On the Western Cape you will find the worst and the best weather, the best view and a unique history with distinctive cultural traditions. Vestkapp offers you extreme experiences in pleasant surroundings.

The area is known for changing weather, from crystal clear seas to storms and hurricanes. Within a short time, fog can settle over Kjerringa and Vestkapp. The sea route around Stad and Vestkapp is notorious for its currents and rapidly changing weather. Many ships still sail in these waters, which are referred to as one of the harshest areas in Norway.

In the few kilometers from Sildegapet in the south to Ervik in the north, a total of 58 shipwrecks have been located.

Going on a mountain hike on Stadhalvøya is a special experience because you have a view of the mighty ocean at the same time as you are high up in the mountains.


In the heart of the Norangsfjord lies Øye. Experience precipitous mountain sides that descend vertically into the deep fjord. The stately Hotel Union Øye is a perfect stop for lunch or an overnight stay in adventurous surroundings. Ever since its opening in 1891, the hotel has been a place where guests come to enjoy the silence, the tranquility and the good life in magnificent surroundings.


Åndalsnes is a town and is the administrative center for Rauma municipality in Møre og Romsdal. The city has 2,416 inhabitants as of 1 January 2019. The center is located on a large sand bank on the right (eastern) side of Rauma's outlet. The city is located at the bottom of Romsdalen, at the outlet of the river Rauma in Romsdalsfjorden. At Åndalsnes, the Romsdalsfjord crosses the Isfjord.

The town is surrounded by high mountains of up to 1,800 m, with Trolltindan, Vengetindan and Romsdalshornet being the most prominent. Åndalsnes has significant tourist traffic and has a cruise port with around 30 annual calls. The place is a center for mountain sports in Norway and is marketed by the municipality as "Norway's peak capital". The Norwegian Mountain Festival is organized in July each year. As well as several music festivals including Trollblues and RaumaRock.


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