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Ålesund hjørundfjord fjord cruise

Fjord Cruise

Fjord cruise from Ålesund to Hjørundfjord through beautiful nature. Experience the beautiful Hjørundfjord, the high mountains, the deep valleys and the small villages along the fjord.

Fjord Cruise Ålesund-Hjørundfjord

Relax and enjoy the trip with us on a fjord cruise.

All About the Fjords Cruise Service
All About the Fjords Cruise Service

We sail from Ålesund via Hundeidvik, Trandal, Særbø, Skår to Øye. Here we have a 30 min stop before returning the same route back to Ålesund


Welcome to Hjørundfjord, a hidden gem in the heart of Norway's majestic fjord landscape. Hjørundfjord lies between high mountains and crystal clear water, and is a fantastic experience with a fjord cruise through natural beauty and tranquil surroundings.

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On the Fjord Cruise to Hjørundfjord, you will be enchanted by the mighty surrounding peaks, some of which rise over 1,500 meters straight from the fjord. Hjørundjorden stretches over 35 kilometers, cuts through the rugged terrain, and creates a dramatic backdrop that changes with the light and the seasons.

Exploring the Hjørundfjord by boat is an experience you shouldn't miss. Fjord cruise along the calm waters, flanked by steep cliffs adorned with cascading waterfalls and lush greenery. Admire the reflections of the mountains mirrored in the surface of the fjord, creating a scene of unparalleled beauty.

The majestic mountains around Hjørundfjord.

The “Sunnmøre Alps” surrounding Hjørundfjord is a majestic view from a cruise on the fjord or from the top of the world if you are an experienced hiker.

Slogen is often referred to as the "Queen of the Sunnmøre Alps." Rising 1564 meters above sea level, Slogen dominates the skyline with its distinctive pyramid-shaped summit. Hiking to the top of Slogen is a challenging but rewarding experience.

Another iconic peak is Skårasalen, standing at 1542 meters tall. This majestic mountain is known for its rugged beauty and challenging terrain, attracting experienced mountaineers and adventure seekers from around the world. 

The mountain of Saksa offers a picturesque hike with stunning views of Hjørundfjord and the nearby village of Urke. 

Urkeegga is a stunning gem in Hjørundfjord. Urkeegga, rising proudly above the picturesque village of Urke.

In addition, there are a multitude of beautiful peaks along the fjord offering its own unique fjord adventure along the way.

Fjord Cruise Hjorundfjord Excursion Boat Cruise Service

Join us and experience Hjørundfjord for your self

The charming villages in Hjørundfjord

Along the Hjørundfjord you will see a number of small villages that invite visitors to explore and immerse themselves in the calm rhythms of coastal life.

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One of the most picturesque villages along the Hjørundfjord is Urke, a charming village at the foot of high mountains. Wander through the narrow streets with traditional Norwegian houses painted in vibrant colors and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Urke's idyllic surroundings make it a perfect starting point for outdoor adventures, with hiking trails that lead into the surrounding mountains and kayaks that can be hired to explore the fjord's crystal-clear waters.

Further along the fjord you will discover the historic village of Sæbø. Stroll along the seafront and admire the view of the fjord with fishing boats, or explore the village's cultural heritage at the local museum, which showcases artefacts and exhibits highlighting Sæbø's rich maritime history.

All About the Fjords Cruise Service

Bjørke is a hidden gem hidden among lush greenery and cascading waterfalls. Here you can immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature as you wander through pristine forests and meadows bursting with wildflowers. 

Trandal is only accessible by boat or hiking trails. Trandal exudes a sense of seclusion and calm. A beautiful place to enjoy the panoramic view of the fjord and the surrounding mountains. Perhaps the world's most unlikely, but best place to organize a Blues Festival.

All About the Fjords Cruise Service

Skår is a charming fishing village characterized by maritime tradition. Set against a backdrop of towering peaks and calm waters, Skår invites visitors to explore the historic harbour, where colorful fishing boats bob gently in the breeze.

The village of Øye enchants visitors with its idyllic surroundings among rolling hills and lush meadows. Here you can walk along scenic paths that wind through lush forests and alpine pastures, with a panoramic view of the fjord and mountains. Explore Øye's cultural heritage at the village museum, where exhibitions show objects and photographs depicting life in rural Norway through the ages.

At Hotel Union Øye you will be transported back in time to a time of refined luxury and old-fashioned hospitality. The hotel's majestic exterior, with its distinctive tower and ornate details, exudes a sense of grandeur that is only matched by the breathtaking beauty of its surroundings.

All About the Fjords Cruise Service
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Fjord Cruise


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