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MS Trolltind 2

MS Trolltind 2 is a passenger boat with room for 84 people. The boat has a high level of passenger comfort and transports guests comfortably on fjord cruises, sightseeing, whale watching, eagle watching and Northern Lights watching. The boat is equipped with hydrophones to be able to listen for and find whales.


The boat is very seaworthy even when the weather is not at its best. Then you can spend the trip in and out of the whale field in a warm and dry lounge where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.


Length: 25.85 m

Width: 6.1 m

Capacity: 84 people

Engine: 2 x CAT 3412E, 16 cylinders, 878 BHP (646 kW)

Maximum speed: 19.9 knots

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