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Terms and condition

General terms

These terms covert the relationship between Cruise Service AS ("tour operator") and the customer.

Scope of Booking

  1. The booking covers all services agreed upon by Cruise Service AS and the customer. These services are described individually for each tour/service. It should specify what the customer can expect in connection with the services. If bookings deviate from the program or include additional services, this must be confirmed/agreed upon in writing in advance.


Booking and Payment

Terms for booking, payment, and deposit for final payment must be agreed upon with Cruise Service AS.

  1. All bookings are binding and must be made in writing or through an authorized booking platform.

  2. Full payment must be made in advance to secure the booking.

  3. Accepted payment methods will be provided upon booking.

  4. All prices are stated in the local currency and include applicable taxes and fees.

  5. Regarding online transactions, the booking becomes binding as soon as the service is paid for.



All tours/services are offered subject to availability in the desired period.


Cancellation for Individuals

  1. The online booking is binding once the tour is confirmed and paid for. However, we will refund the costs if the cancellation occurs at least 48 hours before the tour.

  2. We recommend that you obtain your own travel insurance, including cancellation insurance. If you become ill in a way that prevents you from completing the tour, you must contact your insurance company. Refund will be provided by the insurance company if you have cancellation insurance.


Cancellation for Groups and Agents

  1. In case of cancellation within 72 days before departure, or if the customer is not present when the tour begins or lacks necessary travel documentation, the operator must charge the full price for the service.


Customer's Responsibilities

  1. The customer must pay the agreed amount by the agreed date and in accordance with the operator's terms.         

  2. The customer must not be a nuisance to other travelers. If one person books a tour for another person, they must ensure that the other person can manage on their own during the trip. Our staff is not authorized to provide special assistance to travelers who cannot manage on their own. Travelers must be capable of taking care of themselves or traveling with a companion.

  3. If a customer grossly neglects this requirement, it may lead to expulsion from the tour without entitlement to any form of compensation or reimbursement of expenses for the trip. Imposition of compensation to the tour operator may be applicable if there are signs of deliberate misconduct. The customer is responsible for having necessary travel documents. Loss of personal belongings is the customer's own responsibility (travel insurance).


Customer Information

  1. Cruise Service AS is committed to informing the customer about the rights and responsibilities between Cruise Service AS and the customer. This shall be done by providing information about applicable terms that the customer must be aware of. In particular, Cruise Service AS must alert the customer that it is their responsibility to have travel insurance/personal insurance and the necessary travel documents.

  2. Customers from abroad must be especially aware that there may be different rules in Norway and abroad, and they must ensure to follow the regulations that apply to services in Norway. Cruise Service AS must clarify that they have the right to change the price in certain cases. See the section on changes in prices, services, etc.


Safety and Insurance

  1. All passengers must follow safety instructions and guidelines on board.

  2. We have insurance coverage for the ship and crew, but passengers are advised to have their own travel insurance for personal coverage.


Tour Operator's Right to Cancel Tours


Cruise Service AS can cancel tours for the following reasons:

  1. If the number of travelers is insufficient to carry out the tour.

  2. If events occur that are beyond the control of the tour operator and were unforeseeable at the time of booking. This may include events such as weather, war, natural disasters, epidemics, industrial emissions, or similar (force majeure) that make it difficult for the operator to conduct the tour.

  3. The tour operator must inform the customer of the cancellation as soon as possible. If a tour is canceled, the customer is entitled to a full refund of the ticket price (if the ticket has been pre-paid). The customer cannot claim any form of compensation beyond this, unless the customer has suffered losses due to gross errors on the part of the operator.


Complaint/Complaint Deadline

  1. Complaints about services must be immediately reported to the tour operator's representative on site. Otherwise, the customer loses the right to complain.

  2. Complaints regarding matters other than the service itself must be reported no later than 10 days after the customer has returned home, unless there are special reasons that require an extension of this deadline.


Changes in Prices, Services, etc.


  1. Cruise Service AS has the right to change prices due to increases in taxes and fees, increases in prices from subcontractors, or unavoidable circumstances that the operator does not control or could not foresee. Prices will not be changed within the last 30 days before departure.


All Rights Reserved


Cruise Service AS reserves the right to change prices and correct errors in texts, images, and information on our websites. We reserve the right to make changes that arise after printed materials, schedules, etc. have been produced. We also reserve the right to make changes in prices and terms.


Version: 16.06.2023

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